The all-rounder LED work lamp

A magnetic LED work lamp with a battery and cable, and even tripod-mountable? All of that in one sounds inconceivable, but DARGO, our hero of the month, makes the impossible possible! Ever since the end of October, we’ve been tormented by the fact that the clocks have gone back: or rather the dark time of year and the short days. You get the feeling that night is longer than day – bad conditions for any professional craftsmen and hobbyist handymen who want to swing a hammer and chisel after work. The solution:  an LED floodlight which can act as a …

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Anniversary sweepstake – we’re celebrating 60 years of Brennenstuhl

2018 is our year! And you can be a part of it as we are celebrating our 60th birthday with a great anniversary sweepstake! How it all began … 60 years ago in 1958, our company’s founder Hugo Brennenstuhl developed the idea of a paint spray gun operated with air pressure instead of pressurised air. The success of this revolutionary idea was the foundation for the sustained growth of our solid family company in Tübingen. Many other ideas followed, such as the Brenette Magic Ladder for example, which is still part of our range today. Due to the high demand …

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OLI vor Zelt

Camping LED Light

Our hero of the month is not presented by us this time, but instead by DIY and lifestyle blogger Sarah Halbeisen. She tested the LED Camping Light and, without giving away too much, we can reveal that she was quite impressed. There was one feature in particular that she didn’t expect from our LED Outdoor Lamp … but you’d better read about that for yourself! Anyone who goes camping knows that having the right equipment is the most important thing. It should be functional, but light to carry and easy to use. Often, you surf through several pages online, inform …

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Werkzeugkoffer - LED Baustrahler

The must-have for your toolbox – the compact LED floodlight

A hammer, a cutter knife or even the good old pencil – all are part of the basic contents of your toolbox. To allow you to complete your DIY in dark locations without electricity however, we can recommend something to you in the following that you shouldn’t miss out on when filling your toolbox. The toolbox is the cornerstone of every professional craftsman or DIY enthusiast. It contains important tools or accessories which can be used when carrying out repairs or other DIY work. It’s probable that almost every one of you has a toolbox at home, after all, there’s …

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Wohnmobil Camping-Kabeltrommel

Caravan adventure – with the perfect electricity supply thanks to the camping cable reel

Whether you’re a professional camper or new to camping and wherever you’re travelling to – having the right electricity supply during your holiday on four wheels is compulsory! We show you how to find the ideal camping cable reel and the things you should be certain to look out for. Watch out – the camping season is on its way! Around one in three of us is planning their camping holiday, equipping the car accordingly or is already on the motorway, heading to their holiday destination. But the perfect four-wheeled holiday involves much more than just your means of transport, …

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Gartenarbeit leicht gemacht – mit der richtigen Gartenkabeltrommel

Gardening made easy – with the right garden cable reel

Whether it’s an electric lawnmower or electric hedge clippers – almost every electric garden appliance requires the right extension cable to operate. But which extension cable or which cable reel is suitable for the garden? We’ll show you how to find the perfect garden cable reel or the right garden extension cable and how to master your gardening without frustration. Spring is closing in, the temperatures are slowly rising – time to get ready for the gardening season. To really enjoy barbecue evening in summer, as every year, the garden must be brought to good order. The perfect garden has …

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Steckdosenleiste hintereinander gesteckt

How not to: Connecting socket strips one after another

One television, two computers and numerous household and kitchen appliances– but there is no power socket close at hand. In this case, many people resort to using a socket strip. We show you how you should NOT use a socket strip under any circumstances. A socket strip has many advantages; on the one hand, it offers many connection options for your devices, whether with two, six or even ten sockets. On the other hand, it serves as a kind of extension cable and can therefore be used in a flexible form. So far so good – but what do you …

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Youtuber größte Steckdosenleiste der Welt

The world’s biggest extension lead?

Our hero of the month for March 2018 is what is said to be the world’s biggest extension lead! That, at least, is how UFO Youtuber Felix von der Laden – known from TV, among other things – describes our Premium-Protect-Line extension lead with 120.000 A overvoltage protection. With now over 3 million subscribers, Felix is one of Germany’s best-known Youtubers. With vlogs he documents his everyday life, reporting, for example, on his trips, various events, or even just on what is happening at the UFO. The UFO is an office that Felix has built up with four other Youtubers …

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Steckergarage eingesteckt Sarah_2

Choosing the right cable reel: of splash guards and plug storage

Today, our guest author Sarah Halbeisen, a DIY blogger from Austria who likes crafting in her spare time, reports on why she loves our plug storage so much and what is important to her when buying a cable reel. You don’t know what a plug storage is either? Then for you it is like how it was for Sarah before she used one of our Garant cable reels… “There are things in life that you buy only once.” My dad taught me that at an early age. “If you decide wisely in this regard and look after the products, you …

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